Friday, April 3, 2009

Vote Poster

Exploring tropes and a way of communicating to a specific audience I was first confronted with finding every bit of information I could on the hispanic demographic. Border issues were the biggest concern among them so I felt this was a direction worth taking to persuade hispanics to vote.  The visual reference of a pancho was used to set the overall tone and bring a connections to the hispanic culture while a thread was woven between  the outline of the two countries. The thread had a literal meaning of connecting things together while placing the thread on a geographical outline it becomes an idea of having no separation in borders.

National Geographic

A group of class mates including me were responsible for coming up with a concept and artifacts that would promote the information of Six Degrees. Six Degrees deals with the temperature of the planet rising and the effects this will have on the planet. We took a common essential to everyones life and made a narrative of a glass of water in its acceptable state transitioning to a polluted state. By using an allegory of ice melting which deals with temperature and water levels rising it transformed the literal into an idea as well as a visual representation of global warming. As the glasses progress more car keys are placed in the glasses which represent a big contribution to the pollution of the planet. The final touch was in the sixth glass when the water actually over flows.

Jason Commotto-Movie Poster
Logan Smith- Book Cover
Matt Urlaub- DVD

Seven Sins

A series of photographs that communicate the seven deadly sins. 


Friday, July 25, 2008